Hardly tried to find myself, in purple clouds and golden sands
Iíll hide the crashing wind into my fainting breath
Hands were raised too many times, to holy heaven, angelís eyes
No answer, but regrets fill my empty heart

Oh my God, please answer me and heal my heart
My conscience says Iíve tried, but just from dusk Ďtill dawn
Take my soul, can have it all
Love at first sight, more than life is just tonight

Tonight, tonight, tonight my babe
We still can light up a candle for our souls
Tonight, tonight, tonight my babe
Weíre gonna ask God to bless our love

Every time I find myself in crowded towns
Washed down by rain
Thereís nothing to pretend, and no more words to say
My life feels like Iíve missed the train
For less than hours and more than days
Until youíve touched my heart
Nothing could have eased the pain

Oh my God, your gift is sometimes hard to get
A puzzle thatís a part and out of sight
Where to lose and where to find the missing link?
Please give me a chance, and that could be tonight


Tonight, tonight (repeat 3x)