God made us free

Iíve stopped counting my days, in the silence I pray
Straight to heaven is bound, and itís getting so loud
A million voices, one sound

Iíve stopped wasting my nights, worldís not black, itís a lie
From the north to the south, sheís blowing my mind
I can see Iím not blind

Say, right direction, satisfaction
God made us free
Say, no other vision, no indecision
God made us free

Please say ęyesĽ to my eyes, girl donít miss my advice
Brake all limits all right, no more curious eyes
ĎCause the truth never lies


I need you, get closer, weíre winning it over
Every day delivers us a message of love
Donít tease me, donít seize me, donít leave me, believe me
Nothing can compare to loviní our lonely world