My reflections after seeing the «Shindler’s List» movie

As Isaiah said, «we must pay for life»
It’s not a joke my friend, it’s a constant strife
In these saddened words there’s a wisdom I see
Man is born to mourn, man is born to weep

We can reach success, we can be OK
Do not harm my friend, yet pursue your way
We start off as kids, we beseech good jobs
We believe in lies, but then the bottom drops

Ani meshaker lecha yakar sheli
Ani Rotze she ata eich’shehu tisrod lema ni
Casher neshama sheli tivrah mecan
Ani rotze she ata tich’yhe acheret meculam

Raise your candle high, spread the holy cloth
Ask good Adonai who deserves His wrath
Meek and humble wait till the answer comes
It might take a whole life, just to live that once

Light will shine one day as the Prophets said
And we’ll find out then where the Scriptures led
But till freedom comes, dearly pay we must
In an endless chain, we all turn to dust