Cut the wire

You make me up, I shut the door
Donít wanna hear it any more
Life can give many choices, why wonít you let me be

Tell me what you are thinking
Tell me something that explains
Why youíre screwing with my head and
Why people love to play

But there is no more business, just keep off from my life
You became a nasty habit, why wonít you fade away

Cut the wire, I am ending now this losing game
Use your brain, no more idol figures, synthetic pain
TVís fever, a new kind of sex appeal
Feeds your dreams of fame and fortune
Hypnotized by the screen

May be Iím not so lucky to enjoy a friendly hug
But I say it nice and slowly, you can kiss my ass goodbye
You could think ęparanoia, this guyís really nutsĽ
But I can see that slowly itís gonna paralyze your will

I take a look at the stories
That youíre showing week to week, but
I would feel more empowered, if Iíd crash you with a brick