Itíll be OK

Everyday I hang around this heartbreak hotel
Everynight Iím going thru its doors
The doorman thinks Ďcause thereís cops all around
It ainít time to break the law

I saw you getting out of a Mercedes-Benz
Lighting up the night with a cigarette
Life catches up but I am still craving your taste
While crime has found its righteous place

Oh lady, lady hold me now
Stop all this fooling around, yeah
I hope youíll listen Ďcause this time
I will not close my eyes, no

The time is passing by, but you know that Iíll wait
Tonight might be our last chance
Make up your mind before you know itís too late
You gotta listen up for once


Oh baby, baby come my way,
And itíll be OK, yeah
So listen it will be OK
So listen it will be OK