Koha Savilov

Looking around to find my destiny
Ready enough to get it right, oh, yeah
Too many tries, it made me flexible, oh, yeah
Grab it away and hold on tight

Flying away across my fantasies
All our dreams I keep inside, oh, yeah
Having no space for further memories, oh, yeah
Feeling the pain, it makes me blind

Babe, I see it in your eyes, set me free,
Im alright, stop it now

I want to know my life,
It used to fake my mind
Who needs my soul and when, I need to understand

I want to know my heart
Sometimes it makes me wild
Who has my whole life plan from birth until the end

Never again, it turns to tragedy
Never again, the same mistake oh, yeah
Love is a squeeze of wild cranberries oh, yeah
Once you have got (it) you know the taste

Yes, I see it in your eyes, set me free to stay alive,
Seems we're playing dice and you make me thinking twicet.