Set Me Free

Koha - Savilov

Set me free, I want it my way
I do not trust this word "euphoria"
One wrong step crashes,
Breaks down the wall
It crosses out the reason to be here

It's a rock, and it rolls it's my
Never ending goal
It's my life without your glamour
And the signs on the wall
It's a rule, it's the law,
That you gotta have some balls
Not to trust all that shit
That is stinking up this world

Set me free, set me free

Set me free, don't ask me why,
I canít face one more good bye
Aim it straight between the eyes.
Hold on, I'm still alive,
Set me free until I die
Feel my heartbeat from the inside
If you wanna set things right
Be free from all the lies

Where did you get this obtuse belief
Followed up by the ultimate fever.