Koha / Androsenko ó Savilov

It's a destiny of faith and a destiny of fire
It's a rocking heart inside and mystery of art
It's a spirit of my life, it's my own underground It's my desire

It's my personal hotspot it's a show of my power
It's a gasoline through veins and a price I have to pay
It's a message from n/a it's a moment of a pray, you call it aura

I'm too old but it's my fate, it's not easy, itís too late,
it's my prison it's my world and it's my cover
It's a never-ending pain and it hurts me once again I don't want
to change my name I need a hideout, hideout, hideout

It's a passion of my soul, open flame for melting diamonds
It's a bullet in my head, and a victim blaming judge
It's my glow in the dark electricity in wires, and itís a violence

I try to live having my own creed
And I definitely know have no chance to quit
l have my view I have my aim
But it gets me into troubles and brings just pain