From me to you

I send LOVE MESSAGE that Iíd write

With the help of lamp-light of

My little bike the whole night through.


Iím coming too you

No matter where on earth you can be..

Every night in dreams your face is all I see.


Donít switch off the light!

Donít sleep tonight!

Do you hear a cry on the wind like a voice from afar?


Let the music play ĎLambadaí dance!

Everything will be as good as the first time

I need you-so I can feed that hungry man of mine

I love you-and no one else I love the best!


Gal! Be the same

Hot-blooded like a flame

Till the end of this

Midnight way.


Donít switch off the light! (please!)

Donít Ö..††† (please!)