Tell me about

Tell me about all these years that (are) switched to an hour
All my life remains in a memory, fading dream, desperate toy
Tell me about my first step and leave it behind
Just behind my Earth that I’ve crossed this night it’s too far but it becomes so close
Tell me about all my life I spend in a round where I can be super strong in gain once again but it just brings me pain
Tell me about lady who was out of my life that was always right just shut the door, I need some dim, I never let her in

And nothing changes day by day and nothing ever let to change my way
You can be right when people think you’re wrong, but nothing lasts too short and long
The best solution you can ever reach is just to build to hearts a bridge one day
You can deliver all your love from soul; wake up, now you’re so strong

Tell me about all the preachers praying around, they all say that you are free enough but to tough you need to be in love
Tell me about how you see that I can survive with a saint belief and I admire you, all for you, you’re so pretty true
Tell me about… what you saw in your mother’s eyes, when you said “good bye”, when went to school, left for job or when you had to cry
Tell me about all these stars that are used to shine, tell who knows their will just to wait for sun, every day in the morning sky