Whiskey, love and pigeon

You know how I miss you baby
I am too drunk but may be
That is the way to keep you in my heart
We need to talk my lady
But words are wild and crazy
My soul is filled by you and empty glass

Why donít you see how many lies for single word
But Iím here to set love free, I am here to let it be

Hey, Iíll give your love a reason; Iíll give wings to pigeon
Do you see him flying high into the sky
He delivers every minute message through the seasons
People need someone to trust
Please hold on for just a second let the legend happen
Evil will be killed by wings of love

Iíve got my evening whiskey
As showing my hand to gypsy
Could ever dreamed for better and fairy life
Why do we ask for freedom
Being in spiritís prison
Why to forget the pain you need to die