Tractor's song (Koha/Androsenko-Savilov)

Digging in, digging up, digging out digging it all around us KGB, IRA, FBI got no more chance to stop us

We got power we're iron tractors We got power of ultimate fame We got power, we got direction We got power- actual flame

But one illusion lives all life inside me I want to fly like crazy butterfly My never ending and painful story Insane ... yeah

Don't ask for sweet desire I'm straight and can not lie ya I wish to be retired May be to make something wise!

No way I can be fired I have no chance for riot I used to plow this ground Till the last day of my life

Something down, something up, something still I never let surrender Pick me out,tick me off, take me down, grab me the road to nowhere

I got power I'm iron tractor I got power of ultimate fame I got power and got direction I got power- actual aim