Veil of Veronica (Koha-Savilov)

So well, and now it takes some time To heal myself and give me every chance I know, you know donít tell me why I need it back my ground, my solid ground Another way to say good bye I know my past, You know my destiny Itís all down, itís all down

Veil of Veronica, I got here nothing man Too many types of rainbow You really feel the pain? Smash goddamn Move it fast Itís only crazy days, you wonít get them forever You let your story die, to ask for way to heaven Heaven, please

Uuuuu you got it I have my hope, you sire Uuuu you got it I want you tell me you were right

While scrolling down I made a break I found my name and nothing else to know I got to be the one who said To be the one who has obey and stay oh, right You grab a day, your last tonight You know, itíll be so wrong to say good bye Itís hell man, your hell man

Every fiery day I got to get back. Back to things that are my desire On fiery way Iím here I used to stay Every fiery day I got too much pain pain pain youíve sent me my Lord On fiery way

Too real is a try Every fiery day I wish to be save saved saved On fiery way.